Friday, July 22, 2011


Marmalade: an exciting challenge and a wonderful result.  Never attempted it before as it seemed all too complicated but first time at making Marmalade was an absolute success, I am not sure as to the reason for my success as I didn’t even cook it with the little bag of pips. (Those were tossed into the bin unintentionally by my husband)   I sliced the oranges, lemons and grapefruit and set it aside in the water to stand overnight.  It stood for more than just overnight in the water as I had to get to the shop to buy the Methylated spirits for the pectin check of the marmalade.  So I’m thinking that maybe it’s because the sliced citrus stood for so long in the water that it drew a good amount of pectin out or that I just had a healthy bunch of oranges and lemons!

Needless to say the Marmalade turned out beautiful not only in taste but consistency and colour.
I am planning on making some more Marmalade this winter before all the citrus fruit is finished and then throwing a “Spring Fair” where I will sell tea cosies, marmalade, crochet cushion covers and more. 

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Project Blanket

It feels like ages since I have last blogged.

I have been on school holidays for the past three weeks as I work for a Grade 0 School and have the privilege of enjoying the school holidays.  During the first week of my holiday, I didn’t do any crocheting, but at the end of the week had finally decided on my next project.  It’s one of the biggest projects I have taken on in a very long time and that is to crochet a blanket for my queen size bed.  I have chosen to use Ella Rustica Chunky and it is exquisitely soft with a combination of 60% Acrylic, 20% Tweed and 20% Wool. 
I am now 110 blocks down and have calculated that I might still need to crochet another 100 blocks approximately. 
I do not want it to hang too far over the edge of the bed as I would like a blanket that is manageable when making up the bed, but then of course, I’ll just have to see as I get closer to the END! Oh, the end, actually I do not mind having taken on such a project as I know that wonderful feeling at the end when it is all finished and ones hands start itching for another project.  Not as quick as a tea cosy I might add, this one requires much more endurance as in running a 100km marathan.  I am determined to have it finished in the next 3 weeks!  Ooh, not sure if that is good or not, as some of you crocheters out there might be much quicker on the needle!

I end off with my cat Amy who she takes possession of everything in this home, including the new blanket, my lap and spot in the sun, WHAT A CHEEK!  She loves kneading blankets though, so will have to watch her with this one.