Thursday, August 1, 2013

Crochet Handbag

I' m not sure if I ever shared my crochet handbag on my blog before but here it is.  I am going to be sharing more and more of my projects of late in the weeks to come.  I have been busy establishing my bookkeeping business from home this year amidst recovering from the stresses of having worked in an extreme stress environment, so it's taking me a while to get back to all my loves.  My greatest and most passionate love is crochet and baking.  I don't bake as often as I crochet as all the baked goodies would need to be eaten and that would not always be good.
I have also been crocheting some more tea cozies this year and am enjoying making scatter cushions of late.  I will post some of those creations next.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Crochet/Photo/Creativity Fun

I have been having so much fun lately taking photos of the things that inspire me and pasting the photos together in InstaCollage. InstaCollage is an app on my I-Phone.  I am enjoying gathering inspiration.  As in this photo I love the idea of the cushion that was sewn and given touches of embroidery writing and a crochet heart. 
I love the way the cake was presented on a plate at a quaint little coffee shop.  
Love the beautiful saying I saw on a wall in a clothing store.
Two pretty cushions in a basket - so simple yet so pretty.  That would look lovely in a lounge, on a patio, bedroom.

Crochet - I'm busy with the blocks in the corner for a traditional Granny Square blanket for my youngest daughter's bed. The photo on the right hand side top, is what it will look like when sewn together.  Bottom left hand side photo, is that of a cushion I crocheted for my eldest daughter last year.  I love this cushion, the bright colours against the grey, I could steal it for my bed!! Guess I will have to crochet another one.  Tea cozies are my new designs.... "Just having Fun"!
I only crocheted the cushion in this photo.  The remaining 3 photographs are items of inspiration I saw in a shop!!

Saturday morning out with my hubby and daughters in Linden!
ABOVE:  I just love the way they grouped the rock roses together with the some other succulents and the Hypoestes phyllostachya(which I just call "The Pinkie Plant").
I love this idea - succulents planted in large enamel bowls.  LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!  Maybe my Easter weekend project.  

Saturday, March 16, 2013

It has been such a long time since I have been here and had any inspiration to write, create and post a blog.  I left a very stressful job at the end of last year which left little room for creativity, relaxation and let alone writing blogs.  I was tired, sick and very stressed out. No one should ever stay in a job that is draining and strips you of your self confidence and joy.  I work for myself from home now doing bookkeeping for clients, it is a quiet job and has allowed the calm to return into my life.  I must say, I am slowly but surely finding my energy returning and here I am sitting at my computer, with the view of my garden on a beautiful sunny Saturday afternoon in Johannesburg about to send you some inspirational photos and creations.  Fortunately, I have not stopped crocheting and still love the joy it brings.  I love baking and the desire for that has also slowly started creeping back into my life.

BAKING MILLIONAIRE SHORTBREAD - A FAMILY FAVOURITE                                          



I leave you with my motto for 2013!