Friday, July 20, 2012

Love is in the Aire with Dale!

As with all affairs, you never quite expected it to happen... it just did.  I'm totally inlove with my newly aquired Airedale, Simba.  He is just soooo cute and extremely loving.  He loves cuddling and is playful when the cuddle sessions are over.  He shows me lots of love with his sharp little teeth.  He loves tea from a saucer after I am finished with mine, snoozes on the couch and stealing my balls of wool when I am busy crocheting.  

I have much to share with you in terms of my crocheting as I have just had a wonderful 3 week holiday of which 2 of the weeks I spent with my parents in beautiful Port Elizabeth.  Much inspirational juices were stirred up while on holiday and much crocheting again.

I am busy crocheting a jersey for myself, will post the end results very soon.

Lv Janine and Simba ♥