Tuesday, January 7, 2014

My 365 Page Book

I saw this posted on Facebook which I really liked.  Of course there is just no way that I am going to sit here blogging every single day for the next 365 days but I can most certainly try to check in every 7 days with something of interest. 

So I am going to kick the year off with my past 7 pages of this year.

Day 1, or should I say Page 1:
"Project Rustic Relic Restoration" - found on the Beach in Amanzimtoti.
Amanzimtoti is a lovely holiday destination on the east coast of South Africa.  It does not become excessively crowded over the December holidays like some of the more popular more expensive destinations like Ballito & Umhlanga Rocks, but ends up being pleasant & nicely sprinkled with holiday makers mostly from Gauteng

This old light fitting was found on the beach by my husband and with a vision in mind, excuse the pun, it came home with us, got a little scraping down with a metal brush and fitted with new wiring & a light bulb fitting.  At this stage, I have decided to keeps its’ rusted look and may roughly paint it later to keep with the rustic look.

Page 2:
“Always seeking Inspiration.”
Never stop seeking new inspirations and keeping them somewhere to encourage some creative activity.  I found this lovely blanket that who knows, might spur on some activity.

Page 3:
“There is nothing like rest.”
Some days can be a nothing day and might just end up being a page through a magazine, or should I say, a walk through the pages of wonderful inspiration.  I have been pondering on a look in a catalogue from a popular store for quite a few days now, in fact since being on holiday at the coast.  My aim has been to create a look in my bedroom similar to the one on that page.  But in my book, nothing is with immediate effect; it takes time, money & some activity to make it happen.  To date I have just added 2 new cushions to my bed, x 2 new pillow cases & a little re-arranging of items I already have.  To achieve the ultimate look, I need to re-paint the walls to white (there is the effort) and I am not quite there yet as I need to go purchase a new paint roller & tray.  You see, even though we live in the day and age of instant, it takes time, effort & money, the latter of which is not instant either. 

Herewith a simple lunch suggestion on a hot summers day.
Page 4:
“Out with the dressing table”
Further to my previous ponderings of change in my bedroom, here is a little glimpse at a small change that was made today.  I got rid of my dressing table which was becoming the clutter zone in my room.  I used the mirror from my dressing table, added hooks to it for my jewelry, hairdryer & hair iron; put a small drawer pedestal on the one side, a shelf above the mirror for just the toiletries I use on a daily basis and a chair.  Voila, I have created a simplistic, user friendly, space saving spot to spruce up for the day!!

Let me tell you what inspired this.  While on holiday at our lovely holiday flat, as I unpacked my toiletries on the shelf provided above a small mirrored corner/ built in dressing table, I realised how wonderful simplicity is.  We pack to go on holiday, we pack just the toiletries in we need and guess what ….. You don’t need 3 body creams, this oil that scrub, this face mask, that foot cream, this hand cream…. Clutter clutter clutter.  If I could survive with the basics on holiday, why not at home, and not only that, one can arrange them so neatly that it makes life so much easier not to have all the choices.  Use you favourite fragranced cream for goodness sake, when it is finished, gets another one; what are you saving it for… to get the smell of the plastic in it?  Come on, chuck out all the old left over creams you mixed together into one dispenser, a yucky array of unknown fragrances, why are you using them.  And then lastly, the creams you got as Christmas presents… if you are really not mad about them, then give them away.  And as this is my blog I would like to add that I really do not like the “Oh so Heavenly” creams, bath gels & soaps from Clicks that everyone buy to give as gifts, they smell like toilet spray to me, sorry!! 

Detox clutter not only in your home but on your Facebook page too.  Remove yourself from the groups which fill up your homepage, un-friend yourself from people you don’t really know and who you won’t really miss.

Page 5
“Hearts & things”
I have a love for collecting shells up from the beach when on holiday at the sea.  The problem is that when you get home, they lose their beach beauty and become dust collectors.  I think we like collecting them as we hope to take something of our holiday back home with us.  I needed to do something pretty & useful with some of my beach shells so I quickly looked around on Pinterest and got the idea to make this heart with shells on to add to my heart collection. 
A little holiday, sea shell preservation on my wall among st my much loved heart collection.

Page 6
Day 6 of my new year was taken up with the necessary shopping of school stationery for the new school year.  It is a tiring operation, working through the lists from the schools.  My son is in his final year of school this year and my youngest is just in her 3rd year.  I love stationery especially new stationery and pretty pencil boxes.

Day 7
“A pretty inspiration.”

Hope your 365 page book is beautifully written and filled with much inspiration and many photos to capture all those wonderful moments.

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  1. I am so glad to see you are blogging once again. I always find your blog inspiring and uplifting. Looking forward to your next post!