Saturday, May 5, 2012

Collaged in a Moment

Helloooo out there.  I am trying my hand at collaging those moments, projects, prettiness.  Freezing time and the moment.  Have you ever felt like stopping the clock in life?  It's normally those moments when I'm together with all my family, having a really nice holiday or just a day at home with everyone together.  Click, stop the clock, I want this moment to last forever!

All of the photos of from moments over the month of April.  The carrot cake was absolutely delish, want the recipe?  I also crocheted a handbag, it's just a big granny square which you basically shape near the top.  It is just so cute. Anyway, have a happy weekend, enjoy those moments, stopping the clock.... wonder if taking the batteries out my clock will help?

What programs do you use for making photo collages, please help me find the right one?

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