Wednesday, June 6, 2012

A Birthday Party

Toffee Apples!!♥ Perfection after the third attempt only!  A very pleasing and tasty result!

My youngest daughter is now 7 years old.  It was her birthday in the month of May and we (my eldest daughter and I) threw a Hello Kitty, Shop Shop party for Emma and a few of her friends.  We had a total of 5 girls so it was a lovely little tea party.  The girls got to decorate their cupcakes, fabric paint Hello Kitty pictures on bunting to take home and buy at the shop with Hello Kitty tokens. 
Fabric Painting

Eating Sandwiches have never been more exciting.                                                                                   
The little shopping boxes were such a good buy from a baking warehouse.  We figured out how to fold them up but as they were being filled from the shop, the bottoms started falling out.  So a quick rescue plan was made with my husbands ducktape.  No bottoms of boxes would open after that! Oh what fun!

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