Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Autumn Scuttles

I feel like I have been on holiday forever, schools closed on Friday the 25th March and then re-opened two weeks later on Monday the 11th April, we then closed again on Thursday the 21st and have only just come back today after the whole Easter break and additional public holidays that we have had in South Africa.  I am not complaining and feel quite rested and refreshed but as to what day it is and what date it is, that is where the confusion creeps in.  Anyway, we are officially in May 2011 with winter just around the corner.
I finished the poncho for Emma but still have to sew all the threads in; Emma has been wearing it regardless and loving it very much.  She did not seem too interested in it while I was crocheting it but loves the warmth of it around her.

After the poncho, I was anxious to get started with another tea cosy which is for my mom for mother’s day and I am just about finished sewing it all together and the must get it ready to post off to her. 
Autumn has only just really settled in and the leaves are profusely changing colour and drifting through the air down to the ground.  I really wanted to get up early one morning in the holidays to go take some photos around Johannesburg of the trees but my bed was just too warm and comfortable.  But before Autumn is up I am definitely going to get those photographs on my blog!

I was not particularly looking forward to today as it meant back to work, back to school, back to sitting in the daily traffic, back to getting up early and getting out of the house by 6.30am etc.   By the time I poured myself a cup of coffee this morning, it was cold and so the day began!  Anyway, so far my day has turned out quite alright and I think having some kind of a routine and rhythm going again would be rather good.  Whatever your day, whatever daunting thing may be lying ahead for you, hopefully at the end of today you will be able to say, you have managed to get through it all “quite alright”.
My highlights for May are: 
·        Mothers Day on Sunday the 8th May
·        My baby’s 6th birthday on Wednesday the 18th May, which incidentally is another public holiday for voting in our country and ideal for having a birthday party on the day!
Hopefully as the month progresses, I can add some other highlights to my list.

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