Wednesday, June 29, 2011

You are invited to visit

You are invited to visit.  I will prepare the guest room for you with pristinely cleaned and ironed linen, extra blankets for warmth and an electric blanket to break the winter chill of getting into bed.  In your bedroom, you will find a heater and a towel rail for your comfort.  There will be a book or two to read and a few interesting magazines.  There will also be a little jar of sweets and biscuits should you wake up hungry in the night.  There will be cupboard space to hang your clothes and place for your belongings. 

The welcome mat is laid out just for you!

In anticipation for my guests, there will be a scurry of preparation to make your stay a wonderful experience, comfortable and welcoming with an air of, “let it not be too long before we come again!”  Biscuits will be baked to fill the tins and the pantry cupboard filled.  The preferred coffee will be bought that my visitors enjoy!

It is winter at the moment in Johannesburg, so I will set the scene for you.  A warm fireplace is lit for the evening drop in temperatures, the hearty soup is cooking on the stove, and the table is being laid for supper.  A hot steamy pudding is prepared for desert; it’s a time of sharing our life with you, our special visitors. 

During your stay, we will enjoy home made scones with jam and cream; freshly baked cakes for our tea time together.  We will share meals, stories and time together, bound to our heart to hold forever!  I cannot guarantee that you won’t pick up a pound or two during your stay but hopefully you’ll have lots to take home with you when it’s time to leave, that’s not in weight of the physical kind! 
So why not get your diary out, look at the calendar and make a date, I would hate for my welcome mat to get dusty and old. 

You are welcome to visit!


  1. Hello Janine, thank you for commenting on my blog, really nice to meet you. I was soooo excited to see that you are a fellow South African! I'm from Durban and have been living in the UK since 1996 and am married to a Brit, Andy. Our daughter was born in 2000 and loves her visits back to see granny and grampa when we can get back to SA. We are hoing to come out at Easter next year whic will be divine. We are are also Christian's and go to Kings Church in Eastbourne.
    I love that you and Sophie are making crochet tea cosy's together, they are just beautiful. My pink ad green one was inspired by a Cath Kidston one I saw in a shop and thought ooooh I can make that! I look forwad to keeping up with all your beautiful makes xox Penelope

  2. Hello - I am really enjoying your blog! This post is certainly very inviting ! I didn't realize that our seasons are so different. Spring is upon you and we're creeping into fall in Canada. (Janet @