Tuesday, January 31, 2012

A bit of this and that!

As promised, a little bit of what was on the go in my life towards the end of 2011.

 Tea Cosies ... always my favourite.  Planning on making some cute baby blankets this year.
 Knitting a tea cosy while my parents were visiting us at the end of September/October 2011.  I gave the tea cosy to my mom to take home in the end.
Had an order for 6 tea cosies, made a whole lot of cup cake cosies.
 Tried my hand at crocheting toys.  Love the way the little ballerina turned out.
 Coat hangers, such a beautiful luxury to hang ones clothes onto, compared to the "gorgeous" plastic hangers we use these day!!
Just something fun, a jumble of colours and styles all in one!