Tuesday, February 7, 2012

A Work of Art

Today I'm posting an email I received from my dad this morning.  My mom started crocheting her blanket last year in October when they visited me in Johannesburg around the time  the "one a day" project started. She couldn't stick to the one a day and worked very hard to get it finished.  Here is the email: 

Hi There,

After many hours of hard labour and millions of crochet stitches, Yvonne completed her blanket this weekend.  She bought the wool in Vereeniging in September and started this mammoth task in October.  If you would like to write to her personally, her address is yvonec@telkomsa.net.  She enjoyed this past week's colder weather when doing the edge of the blanket as she had to work with it on her lap.  I am now looking forward to the winter when I can cover up.

Lots of love

The pattern that was used is from  http://crochethealingandraymond.wordpress.com/ thank you Alice for all the inspiration and tutorials.  You are such a honey!

Finally I attach a little Valentines crochet I made over the weekend.  xxx


  1. Oh! Janine's mom, this blanket is sooo beautiful. Lovely colours. What wool did she use?

  2. That blanket is beautiful and can tell it had lots of hard work into it