Thursday, March 8, 2012

Some Inspiration

I have a collection of inspirations to share with you.  As I have an I-Phone, it comes in very handy when sitting in the doctors rooms, vets rooms or browsing through a magazine at a friends house, coffee shop etc.  Now admit it, we have all been tempted to tear a page out of a magazine as it held inpiration or a recipe you wished to try but the magazine was not yours to tear?  Well now I have an I-Phone so, I promptly whip out my phone and snap the page/article in the magazine.  I will be sharing some of these with you.

Saw this scarf in the "Your Family" magazine.  Love the colours.
Just love these cute cupcake scatter cushions, might implement the idea into a crochet to create warmth for Winter.

I would like to crochet myself a handbag, saw this one in a crochet magazine in the local news agency.

Cute cushion idea.  Think I saw this one in a magazine in the vets rooms.
I am busy crocheting a cushion cover, it started as a cover for my Bible but didn't seem to work, now it will be a cushion cover.  I will blog some of my latest crochet items soon and maybe you'll find some inspiration from that. 
One last one, it's just such a cute idea, to paint on an enamal plate.

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  1. Cool ne! Just this week I also snapped a crochet photo in the doc's waiting room :-)