Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Creativity Overload

Who never finishes their slice of chocolate cake, millionaire shortbread or any other decadent treat that suits their fancy!  Today I have a load of creativity to share with you, hope this will fill you with excitement and cause seeds of inspiration to sprout up in you.  There is nothing like a hobby to give you pleasure and endless hours of fulfillment. I refer you to a previous blog of mine titled "LOVELY", see the link on the right hand side of my blog further down relating to the definition of a hobby.

My new range of Floral tea cosies by special request from customers at the coffee shop.

Sitting all "PRETTY", waiting to find new homes!
          Trying my hand at some new block patterns.  So rewarding.
My favourite, most delicately beautiful rose in my garden.  Life's natural inspiration.                                                                                    
A cheeky Morning Glory growing up the Lemon Tree. If you need help with colour combinations, just take a look at flowers.                                                         
Granny Squares in brights, still need to crochet a back for this cushion cover.
Just a plain Red Tea Cosy!  Beautiful Simplicity!

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