Wednesday, August 3, 2011

An agitated crocheter!

I must say, I am rather agitated that I can’t just sit and get my crocheted blanket finished.  I have to steal time in my every busy day to crochet a centre, crochet around the completed centre, sew in the threads, and sew some blocks together aaagh!  This weekend is a long weekend and I am warning you, I want uninterrupted crocheting time; this blanket needs to see its END!!  My family loves my baked goodies and so I have decided that I will either bake Thursday or Friday afternoon as when the weekend has started,  I don’t want to hear… I’m hungryyyyy, what’s there to eeeeeat!  J
Where I work at the Grade 0 school (that is the school readiness year) I often go for walks to clear my head and then get back to my work.  Just a few meters from my office is a large school field where there is always a frenzy of hungry birds that swoop down onto the grounds after the children have had their break time to feast on the left over dropped food.  It is an amusing sight to see, I have seen Pigeons, Crows, Indian mynas, Thrushes, Hadedas and the common little sparrows.   It’s an a la carte menu out there for the birds, sandwiches, fruit, biscuits, chips and more, enough food to feed a flock of birds.  Mondays always seem to be the busiest eating day as there has been no school over the weekend and obviously the birds start getting a little hungry. It is such a luxury to not have to search for food.  I swear, these birds must sit up in the trees around the field waiting for the children to scoot so that they can come to their banqueting table.  So think of the poor birds this weekend, 4 days of having to search for their own food, no buffet table laid out for them to feed on.

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