Friday, August 12, 2011

A Pretty Crochet Corner

I am dying to get my blanket done as I am desperate to move on to some other projects.  I want to make some pretty cushion covers and am desperate to get working with some other wools and colours.   It’s been more than four weeks of Rustica chunky.  Make no mistake, I love it and I am delighted with how my blanket is turning out in looks and feel but GIVE ME ANOTHER PROJECT NOW PLEEEASE!  I will not stop though until I have conquered this Kilimanjaro of a project!!

With spring just around the corner, the weather is warming up beautifully here in Johannesburg.  As a result, I have found a nice little corner on my patio to sit and crochet.  Here I can enjoy the view of my “winter garden” soon to be a blooming “spring garden”!  I worked quite considerably in the garden over the past weekend so I am looking forward to reaping the fruit of my labour!  I was busy crocheting with the mauve colour of the Rustica wool and couldn’t help noticing how beautiful it looked against the Pansies I had planted in pots on the patio.  PRETTY!  Flowers do give us nice colour combinations; mm I think a crocheted Pansy cushion cover next!! Ok, let me just get finished with this blanket already, work hands work!


Some pretty little Primulas flowering at the school where I work!

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