Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Birthday Wish List

I love this time of the year when the weather warms up and spring is in the air.  Thursday is my birthday and here is the wish list for my family ˜

A crochet book/magazine to inspire me and keep the creative juices flowing!

Some different colours of the Elle Pure New Wool. 
           Love the feel of it, love the colours!
Tray of seedlings, maybe Petunias.
A Woollies potted rose!
Chocolate, especially love Lindt.
A pretty new Maxwell and Williams mug or any other fine bone china mug will do. I know I’m pushing it, but a tea cup and saucer would be nice!
To have my crocheted blanket complete! - I'm working my fingers off on this one!


  1. Lekker verjaar en baie seën, Janine! Isn't elle New Wool just the nicest thing to behold :-)

  2. Hope for your Birthday you got all the things you love Janine!
    Happy belated Birthday! We hope you had a wonderful day!
    Finni xx