Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Orange Roses and Strawberry Jam

What a lovely respite from crocheting my blanket!  Yesterday I crocheted some roses for a tea cosy I must finish for someone special.  I am calling it my “marmalade” tea cosy as I am making the roses with shades of oranges that you would find in marmalade.  I have this lovely soft wool that I was given that has nice changing tones of orangey colours in it.  There is even a little bit of blue in it, wonder what little blue rose buds will look like between the orange roses, mmmm a thought!  I have also received two more orders for other tea cosies from the coffee shop where I display the cosies for sale; so between Sophie and me we are getting these special little orders ready!  It gets me very excited and inspires more exciting pretty projects.

After reading a blog post on yarnroundhook.blogspot.com, I was instantly inspired to go out and buy some strawberries for jam making; hence these lovely photographs of the process! 

I have an Iphone and one of the photographic applications I have downloaded is called “Hipstamatic”, it takes these lovely “aged” photos I have displayed here.  It is such a nice “camera” that I have been snapping away at all kinds of things, look how lovely this lavender looks.  
I love making chalk board hearts.  My husband cuts the wood out for me and I paint them with chalk board paint.  “All things Nice” has magnets glued to the back of it and sits on my fridge! J. 

Look at this lovely photograph of my daughters cat Chloe, she is a very photogenic cat and of course Hipstamatic makes it even more HDR.  (High definition resolution- fancy photographic terms)
I will post the marmalade tea cosy as soon as I have finished it and not to mention, the baby I have been working on since the 1st of July – THE BLANKET, it is close, very close.

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