Monday, February 21, 2011

All things Bright and Beautiful

I have been engrossed in making crochet flowers this weekend.  I have finally found a pattern I really like with a yellow centre and about 10 petals which results in a nice frilly flower.  I have also managed to crochet 4 rose buds and a whole bunch of leaves to sew underneath the buds. I am delighted at the result and am in the process of making a whole lot of different coloured flowers so that they are ready to sew on top of the tea cosies.  I promise to post a photograph soon of my little pet project which has given me much delight.

I then got thinking of God and how much pleasure He must have had creating all the amazing and beautiful flowers we have seen on earth, painting little stripes here, adding colour there, a petal here, a frill there and so on. 

The scriptures say that He created us for his pleasure; here is a profound scripture I found.

“Revelation 4:11   Thou art worthy, O Lord, to receive glory, and honour, and power: for thou hast created all things, and for thy pleasure they are and were created. (King James Version)

WE were planned for God's pleasure.
The moment we were born into the world, God was there as an unseen witness, smiling at your birth. He wanted you alive; your arrival gave him great pleasure. God did not need to create you, but he chose to create you for his own enjoyment. WE exist for his benefit, his glory, his purpose, and his delight. Bringing enjoyment to God, living for his pleasure, is the first purpose of your life. When we fully understand this truth, we never again have a problem with feeling insignificant. It proves your worth. If you are that important to God, and he considers you valuable enough to keep with him for eternity, what greater significance could you have? You are a child of God, and bring pleasure to God like nothing else he has ever created.”

So then, if we take so much delight in what we enjoy, be it gardening, crocheting flowers, having a passion for this or that, maybe we could just get a small idea of how much pleasure God gets from us, we are part of His collection, we are His, we belong to Him..... Wow WHAT AN INCREDIBLE THOUGHT! I am going to use my crocheting as an example here, how often I go back and just look at all the flowers I have made so far, I lay them out, see how they fit together on a tea cosy, I sit and take delight in the different colour wools I have and then think of all the more I could make and all the more colours of wool I would like.  I think God is like this too with us!

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