Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Morning Dew

I felt a little stressed at getting out the door this morning on time, all my own fault of course as I got up late, then faffed around trying to find my little black top to wear under the shirt I had chosen for the day (it would help a whole lot if I laid my clothes out the night before), wanted to load a preach on my MP3 Player faff, faff, faff.  In the rush, as I stepped out of the door.... the fresh glorious morning air greeted me, I was almost taken aback at the amazing fresh smell of it, it made it worth it having to leave so early.  No other time in the day do you experience, smell and enjoy the freshness of a new day as early in the morning.

As I said to my kids, despite the rush and stress of having to get out of the door, the shouts of "hurry up" and "we are going to be late"..... today was still going to be a lovely day.  Despite how your day starts, it's going to be a good day in the end.... so enjoy.  I'll chat to you later.

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