Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Peace in your home

I spent so much time running around yesterday afternoon fetching my children from their extra mural activities that my feet barely touched the ground.  As a result I only got home at 6 o' clock and quickly whipped up a delicious cheesy haddock and pasta meal which we all "hoofed" down as we were all starving, each from our own individual activities of the day.  I thought there would be enough leftover supper to keep aside for lunch boxes today but alas, my family was hungry.  After all that I finally sat down and sewed some of my crocheted flowers onto 2 tea cosies.  I am building up a few completed tea cosies for my unveiling photograph so, please be patient you will see them very soon.

Eventually I was so tired that I decided to leave the crocheting and retire for the night.  Obviously in my tired state, I did not realise until now that I had actually read today's devotional message but perhaps it was meant for me for yesterday.  The title was "Peace in the midst of chaos", and yes despite my busy day and running up and down to fetch my children, sitting in rush hour traffic, I had peace.  One lovely section from my devotion said the following:  "Whatever your circumstances may be, remember that Jesus is always at your side to guide and help you.  Put your trust in Him as He leads you, and remember that He is busy guiding you towards God's eternal kingdom where there is only harmony and peace." - from New Beginnings, Solly Ozrovech
My day ended with a smile!

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