Sunday, March 13, 2011

My home My Love

I am very much a home bird, and love doing things around the house.  My number one passion has always been baking and cooking with other interests in gardening, doing crafts such as crocheting, sewing etc, all depending on the inspiration. I discovered that tomato plants had come up in the beer crates we had placed along the back wall and (the purpose of the crates is to act as a bit of a retainer to stop the soil from washing away under the wall) figured that if the tomato plants were thriving so nicely there, so could some other vegetables.  We cleaned the weeds and grass out of the crates, put in compost and planted some seed.  It will be very interesting to see whether the other vegetables do well there too.  I have seen vegetables growing and thriving in the most unusual places.  At the school where I work, the ground staff have obviously made a small vegetable garden just off of the school field through a little gate on the land between the field and the boundary wall.  I sometimes take a walk around the field in the morning just to clear my head and get a little exercise from sitting behind a computer all morning.  It was on one of these walks that I discovered their secret vegetable garden with mealies up to the wall and other vegetables as well.  One does not need a fancy laid out vegetable patch to sow some seed and grow some great vegetables.  I believe my friends mother has her vegetables growing out from their compost heap as that is where she tosses all her vegetable peels and cuttings.  Interesting food for thought!

We have been experiencing the summer heat for the first time now since summer started, even though we are already into autumn.  We didn’t have much of a “summer” during the summer months as we had a very wet season with almost torrential rains, flooding and mushy gardens.  For the first time since summer began, we actually spent our Sunday afternoon enjoying swimming and sunning ourselves.  This was great as I have really had to make a plan about getting my five year old daughter swimming and gaining her confidence in the pool. 

After a lovely refreshing swim, I sat down and completed my “retro” tea cosy.  I must admit, I wasn’t actually sure how it was going to turn out and didn’t really enjoy making this one much.  I am quite delighted with how it turned out though.  It seems my cat Alice liked it very much as she enjoyed sprawling herself out across my work yesterday afternoon as I was completing the second side of the cosy.  She is such a cheeky cat with the most self-assured character, she is very demanding and chooses when and how you may give her attention.  She allows you to stroke her coat but only for a short while, it’s always best to stop before she tells you she has had enough!

We did not have our usual Saturday morning breakfast this weekend as when I went shopping on Friday afternoon I bought Hot Cross buns that were looking very appetising.  We did however have Chocolate chip muffins for breakfast this morning for breakfast.  My son has started preparing muffin mixtures on a Saturday night to make for breakfast on Sunday morning before church; this is the second week so we will see if he keeps it up.  He loves muffins and last weekend he made us Lemon Poppy Seed muffins for breakfast, and all this without my help.

Tomorrow is Monday, the choice is ours, we can try to have a good one and next weekend, well, we can look forward to that as it will be a long weekend with Monday being a public holiday, one extra day to sleep in, yippee!


  1. Lovely article. I love reading your posts and am always glad when I see a new one of yours popping up on my blog list.

  2. You are such a clever lady and I also love your Blog. You sure made us wait this weekend. Lots of love, Your Dad

  3. I just love reading your blogs. They are so interesting and colourful. I look forward to the next one. Love you.