Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Pretty Triangles

My son Joshua and I got up early this morning to go to gym, we were there from 6am – 7am, so before my body had time to register what was going on, the exercise was complete.  We got home and then everyone scattered off to their various activities for the day except for Emma and me.  Having done the gym thing so early in the morning seemed to give me so much extra time.  I sat in front of the TV completing the crochet bunting for Emma’s bed and when I looked again, it was around 12 o clock. I had managed to watch the end of an action movie, a snippet of a series I know nothing about, a reality show of a young girl who went into labour and had no idea who the baby’s father was except that it could be one of three men and I cannot remember what else. Oh yes, I also watched a cooking show, they cooked and baked with a lot of sugar and two kinds of syrup.  They even put it into the meat dish and I mean a lot of sugar.  There is a saying “never trust a skinny cook”, but this is taking it to the extreme!

The crochet bunting is beautiful and I am very happy with the result. Emma’s bedroom has been re-arranged, sorted, organised, cleaned and rubbish chucked out, not sure for how long it will stay that way?  She collects a lot of bits and pieces of this and that, let me give you an example;  bits of paper, sticks, old flower petals, stones, sucker sticks, material, little foam alphabet letters, sticky tape, lids from bottles, string, wool, get the idea?  It is quite an undertaking to sort through and pick out all the itsy bits of things and best to throw out what I consider rubbish without her around.  What she doesn’t see, she won’t miss and should she does for something I threw away, it will be quite a long time since I tidied up and I would have forgotten anyway. School art is another thing, what to do with it all?  Besides all the little things that have to be thrown out, there is the sorting I mentioned.  Lego ends up the Barbie drawer, what does Barbie want with Lego?  The Baby Born clothes are on the fluffy dog, the Barbie’s are often naked and the Brat doll is without her feet. I do love giving a room a make-over!

Then with all this triangular business I decided to bake some shortbread for us.  Usually I make millionaire shortbread which is shortbread with a whole tin of caramel spread on top, completed with a large slab of melted chocolate. It is decadent when made that way but the shortbread on its own is just as pleasant and I’m certain with fewer calories. 

The shortbread looks delightful when baked in a round cake tin, cut into triangles and sprinkled with castor sugar. Lovely served with a nice cup of filter coffee!  


  1. I'm trying to lose weight. Do you have to show me all these yummy things? I've picked up an extra kilo just looking. :)

  2. You sure have been busy and it looks so pretty. Tell Emma that Grandpa says to keep it tidy until i visit again one day.