Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Techno Retro

Technology is wonderful in that it allows you to stay in contact with friends and family around the world, "blogging" and "face booking" but be sure you will encounter struggles when the darn thing won't work or software is created with all kinds of safety blocks to prevent duplicating it.  Just this afternoon I spent over an hour loading my accounting package onto the computer only to encounter obstacles, it is so frustrating as it is no easy process let me tell you.  First you have to phone the call centre to register your package, then you need to speak to a technical support consultant who can't fathom why the codes they gave you do not work and then eventually when you say, "well do something because I sure do not know what to do", that they finally put you on hold and get the answers on their side.  By the time the programme was loaded and working perfectly, my back was aching and head  pounding, then I still had to set up my email accounts! I still can't seem to fathom why I can't send email, but receive .... some setting is wrong no doubt!  Must be the technology bug, there are good bugs and bad ones.  I need some antibodies against these frustrations.  So as a result my creative writing juices dried up and thus not much to say today. At least I got to sit down and crochet the first side of my new tea cosy complete.   Now that I have figured out the design with the first side, the other side will proceed with more ease.  It's a colourful, striped granny style cosy, it's kind of my retro design.  So, I'll see how it turns out tomorrow then. Retro, as I was reading in a magazine this morning is much of the 1950's style.

It all seems so weird, we live in this fast advancing technology era and yet we enjoy the old style in a new style world, retro meets techno!  Think I had better go to bed now as my computer (me) has slowed down now, needs to reboot for tomorrow.

Can't wait to finish this cosy!

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