Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Good Morning

This morning I am going to attempt to paint a visual picture for you. 
Firstly I woke up and thought it was a weekend only to realize it was Tuesday and a work day.  I lay in bed for a while as it was so gloriously warm and comfortable there.  Traffic is not so hectic at the moment with the private schools being on holiday; we could therefore have an unhurried breakfast and sip our tea or coffee leisurely.  We (my son, youngest daughter and me) left the house around 7:02am and within thirty minutes made it to school and work on time.  I grabbed my camera as I left the house in the hope of snapping some of the beautiful morning scenery on my way to work.  Unfortunately the traffic did not allow for stops and my camera batteries were flat.  I will thus attempt to paint this mornings’ scene for you.
On leaving the house, a thick mist had come down, all the rough edges of the buildings, trees, traffic and such softened by the mist as with a misty camera lense.  The early morning activities had begun, African men were riding on their bicycles to work, some with packets hooked over their arms, and another cyclist was riding with white gumboots on, jackets and scarves.  Happiness was displayed across the faces of people, especially the Africans on the side of the roads.  They are a sociable culture so there were smiles and waves and lots of conversing.  They never seem too perturbed by the pressures of life or about getting to work on time; somehow they just calmly and happily make their way to wherever they are going.  The Maple trees in autumn are just my best, their response to the change in the season amazing.  They display the most magnificent colours to herald their season of rest ahead.  There are shades of yellow, orange and red.  With the mist in the air, the leaves   brightly boasted their autumn shades, especially the auburn, orange and red leaves!
There are early morning smells I take pleasure in too.   I like the smell of coffee brewing and breakfast being made especially the pleasing aroma of bacon and eggs cooking and toast being made.  The clanging sounds of activity in the kitchen or a radio playing softly.
Whatever your morning, I hope you will savour it all.  It could be the sun seeping in through the window, the dew twinkling on the grass and plants, the lifting mist, the soft falling rain, whatever your weather, wherever you live, whatever your day brings, take a moment to absorb it.

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