Monday, April 4, 2011

A perfect fit!

I have mentioned before that the whole knitting and crocheting of tea cosies started about two years ago when we (the whole family) moved out of the house and into our small cottage on the same property to do some alterations to the house.  All five of us, including three cats squashed into the two bed roomed cottage for three months.  While waiting for the alterations to be complete and sitting without a kitchen for three months, I busied myself with knitting tea cosies for my new kitchen.  It helped me to dream of our new home and pass the frustrating days of waiting for the building to be complete and see the rear end of the builders!    

I did not get the crocheting of tea cosies right until this year when Sophie moved in.  I asked her to look at a crocheted tea cosy I had bought and to show me how she did it.  My eyes opened and my understanding of crocheting increased.

Where am I going with this, for a moment I forgot?  I wanted to show you my daughter’s tea cosy which she knitted together with me two years ago.  We had forgotten all about her knitting this after moving back into the house and never sewed it together until now.  I completed it for her by adding crocheted roses on top and sleeves around the side openings of the cosy.

Making a tea cosy is like dress making, you have to have the tea pot in front of you to get the fitting right.  It is quite tricky making a “fitted” tea cosy for a tea pot for which you do not have the size, height or width.  That is when you have to make a general one size fits all.  Sounds like some items of clothing that one buys where it says “one size fits all”.  I am weary of such a labet as for example with hats, there would have to be something added to the hat to make it adjustable to fit your head.  I really enjoy making the cosies to fit the tea pot.

 It was such a beautiful morning out in the garden. 

Emma on her swing, posing for the photo of the next lot of crochet bunting I had just completed yesterday.

Hope you had an enjoyable morning.

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  1. That is so lovely Tara! I have been nagging you for quite some time now to start making pretty things for your own home one day without me knowing that you have already got a tea cosy packed away in yor bottom drawer. Congratulations my girl I will look forward now to see some more pretty things!