Sunday, April 10, 2011

I'm reading a very good book!

Every time I start a new one I am a little hesitant as I do not always have the end result worked out.  It is always nice to have a photograph of another tea cosy to give you an idea of what you are going to achieve but then sometimes it makes it interesting to just work it out as you go along.  So here is another tea cosy I am busy with, well in fact quite complete, I am just busy with the finishing touches.  I might do flowers around the tea pot lid or I might sew hearts on the sides, I’ll let you see in due course.

I have another leisure pursuit of interest that I enjoy but it is time consuming as you have to go rummaging around in second hand shops to get these findings.  I was out yesterday actually looking for an old teapot I could pretty up with a new cosy.   They are simply just too hard to find and it would seem out of fashion.  It’s time we revived the teapot and cosy era, it is not dead!  I found this lovely little serving plate instead and it is made in Staffordshire England, a Swinnertons “Birthday Rose” plate.  I searched on Google to get an estimate of whether it had any worth and found a side plate selling for around R200 on E-Bay.  I paid R5 for this little plate, so I think I got quite a bargain!

My holiday is over and I will be returning back to work tomorrow morning, starting at 7.30am to be precise.  It is fortunately quite a lovely little job and my hours are until 2pm in the afternoon.  I have been going back to gym in the holidays to tone up and increase my fitness so I am planning on continuing my fitness programme three times a week in the afternoons after work.  I will thus only have the evenings to do my crocheting but then again, we do not want to kill this lovely little hobby.  It’s like reading a very good book but having to put it down to attend to other responsibilities then looking forward to getting back to the story as soon as you can!

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