Thursday, April 7, 2011

Some Poetry

Thank God For Little Things

Thank you God for little things
That often come our way.
The things we take for granted
But don’t mention when we pray.
The unexpected courtesy;
The thoughtful kindly deed;
A hand reached out to help us
In the time of sudden need.
O make us more aware dear God
Of little daily graces
That come to us with sweet surprise
From never-dreamed-of places.

                                                                              Helen Steiner Rice

So here is a little thing I have just completed, 
my friend for the past few days.
Shall I add this or shall I add that
The colour combination all very exciting.
It's done and now my hands are restless.
But a chicken pie I must go make,
My family hungry for supper to give me a break.

A crochet beanie, I did not make
It's my daughter who's crochet needle
it did take!


  1. That is Beeeeeeautiful!! I just love all your tea cozies, and what a cute little beanie. I think you have the makings of a lovely home industry there.

  2. I loved the poem, the tea cosy & the beanie.
    Thank You for sharing with us.